About Gbomai Farms 

Gbomai Farms is a fruit, vegetable and livestock farm, and marketing company incorporated in 2013 and is located in Charleville, Margibi County. The farm supplies supermarkets, restaurants, and private citizens in Monrovia.

Gbomai Farms sources fruits and vegetables from the company's own farms and a network of smallholder farmers for the local market.

Gbomai Farms' goal is to provide a complete solution to the supply of fruits, vegetables, livestock in Liberia, and beyond. These commodities are very special produce; they are the only commodities that stay alive until they are consumed and therefore require a great deal of specialized care and attention from the farm to the table.

Gbomai Farms is positioned to produce and supply all year round. Most of our smallholder farmers have their farms in the rural areas that have good water for irrigation all the year. Because we own our farms, we offer the best quality and provide the widest range of products at the most competitive prices at all times.

We have attached our range and prices for your perusal. We can also provide any other vegetables not listed in our range on request.

Everything you need, the earth can provide.

Gbomai Farms is your partner in creating healthy meals for your family every day. We firmly believe that we should grow what we eat. If it cannot be naturally produced from the earth and its natural resources, it's something you should think twice about serving on your dinner table.

We only produce organic foods that promote good health and wellness for you and your family. Products can be purchased on retail as well as bulk orders online. Customers, families, the community - we welcome you to a wide range of choices for your organic food needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gbomai Farms is to promote sustainable organic produce farming. The earth can naturally provide for what we need – in turn we must product the earth as our provider by responsibly tending to our natural resources and respectfully making use of those resources around us.

Our Vision

•  Influencing customers to make use of natural ingredients and products in their daily consumption
•  A world that lives on natural foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and poultry
•  Allowing consumers the convenience of purchasing naturally grown produce online

Our Farm History

Gbomai Farms is a 29 acres located in Charlesville Margibi County, Liberia. It is about 45 minutes from away Monrovia and minutes away from the Roberts International Airport. It is one of the first woman focus farm and large scale plantation or commercial farm.

It was started by Ms. Gbomai Bestman-Johnson with a dream to start a farm to feed the community and Liberia as a whole. With backgrounds in Health Management, she shared a passion for good food & working hard in the soil. With help from local farmers, family and friends, she was able to get her bearings and established the "Gbomai Farms". 2013 is a year of learning but, it has set the ground work for what Gbomai Farms is going to be.

To know more about us, you may send us a message using our online inquiry form.

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